• Managers prep flurry of new CLOs in run up to election


    Managers prep flurry of new CLOs in run up to election

    Crestline Denali Capital, LCM Asset Management, Anchorage Capital Group and HPS Investment Partners are the managers expected to price CLOs in the coming week, as the primary pipeline sees one last burst of activity before election headlines dominate.

  • Oportun returns with unsecured consumer ABS


    Oportun returns with unsecured consumer ABS

    Unsecured consumer lender Oportun, known to primarily serve customers with less access to traditional banking services, including low income and immigrant communities, is returning to the securitization market.

  • Citizen Irish announces rare auto ABS


    Citizen Irish announces rare auto ABS

    Citizen Irish has mandated Deutsche Bank as arranger and Citi as joint-lead manager for a new Irish auto ABS, the third deal to come from the issuer after a two-year break.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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European CLO market adapts to the challenges of the COVID-19 era

The period since March has been a turbulent time for financial markets, and the CLO sector in Europe dealt with a complex set of disruptions when the pandemic arrived this spring. From sudden and acute stress at the corporate level, to an unprecedented shift in working conditions, CLO players in Europe experienced uncertainty not seen since the last crisis. Yet, the market has adapted, and while the shape and size of deals may be different, CLOs in Europe are pushing ahead. BNY Mellon and GlobalCapital gathered market experts to discuss the present state of the European CLO market and its prospects.

European CLO market adapts to the challenges of the COVID-19 era
Securitization in the Global Marketplace 2020

  • Crisis Talk — with Sairah Burki, managing director, regulatory policy at CREFC

    Crisis Talk — with Sairah Burki, managing director, regulatory policy at CREFC

    The fallout from the Covid-19 crisis has touched nearly every economic and employment sector, from the largest corporations to the smallest businesses. The pain has prompted an unprecedented policy response aimed at rescuing economies and markets, and further measures are likely to come. US commercial real estate has been especially impacted, with commercial mortgage lending slowing dramatically, already struggling retailers going dark across the country and a likely rethinking of the use of space following a nationwide experiment in working from home.

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  • EU can’t have it both ways on securitization

    The European Parliament’s proposals on the role of the securitization in fixing the European economy are set to nullify any benefit STS might grant to the synthetic market. With Europe’s economy at stake, the Parliament must decide whether ABS is a hindrance or a help.

  • UK retail is injured but it has ripped off the plaster

    The coronavirus has been seen in some quarters as the final nail in the coffin for the long suffering UK retail sector. But having embraced e-commerce earlier than elsewhere, the sector may learn lessons from the crisis faster and emerge stronger, which means UK CMBS holders might not be in as bad a spot as they imagine.

Latest Awards

  • Most Innovative Securitization Bank of the Year – MUFG

    While innovation is frequently applauded by market participants after the fact, actually convincing investors and others to change the way they work or to adopt new systems can be extremely challenging. Arguing successfully for an update to a process that has been in place for decades is no mean feat. For this reason, MUFG’s innovation of a key part of the CLO transaction lifecycle has been recognized with the accolade of Most Innovative Securitization Bank of the Year in 2019.

  • Securitization Technology Provider of the Year - Moody’s Analytics

    Moody’s has been collecting data on the structured finance market for almost 30 years. Today, Moody’s Analytics (sister company of credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Service) offers go-to platforms for the structured finance market and is continually developing new technology to organise and broadcast that deep data set. This has long been recognised by structured finance investors, where it has a strong client base. But over the course of 2019, the company expanded its issuer business with the purchase of the Deloitte ABS Suite software system. It has also taken great strides in enabling its data to be fed into investment bank client portals through hosted APIs, and delivering content in a modular way through i-frames. Its embedded presence across all sides of the CLO markets explains why it came top of the GlobalCapital poll for securitization technology provider of the year.