GlobalCapital Bond Awards 2020

Germany's public sector issuers lead from the front


At the end of June GlobalCapital and DZ Bank brought together some of Germany’s leading public sector bond issuers to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their capital markets activities...

Germany's public sector issuers lead from the front



  • EU’s biggest funding test yet to come

    By all measures, the first two transactions of the European Union’s arrival as a supersized issuer in the capital markets were tremendous successes. The order books were world beaters, the new issue premiums were tiny despite the huge deal sizes, and the secondary performance has been incredible. But while it has been plain sailing so far, there are bigger tests ahead.

  • Croydon’s insolvency could be just the beginning

    Giving cheap loans with few restrictions to local authorities via the Public Works Loan Board is not a suitable replacement for central government funding. This must change, or London Borough of Croydon will only be the first council to fall into insolvency.