• Forget tokens, settle for a nice glass of wine

    It was the best of wines, it was the worst of wines. It was the age of Riesling, it was the age of cheap plonk from 7/11. It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity that anyone would charge you that much for something that tasted like Lambrini.

  • Karmic justice for vaccine queue jumpers

    Hong Kong has now vaccinated half a million people, after rolling its vaccine out to all comers last month. There have been a few hiccups – the discovery of packaging defects caused a temporary halt to the AstraZeneca jab — but most people have now had the first of their required two shots.

  • Spac rap and Musk music? Time to sell

    A wise investor once told me: when your taxi driver is recommending a stock, it’s time to sell. The idea is that once retail investors have spotted a big opportunity, it has already evaporated. What about when they’re playing it on the car radio?

  • Female empowerment in gift form

    I have been told that March 8 was International Women's Day. It’s a relatively new one to me, but I applaud the efforts people are making to celebrate the hardworking women in our lives.

  • The only time a root canal may be worth the pain

    After nearly a year without any travel, many of us have become desperate to leave the gilded cage of Hong Kong. I, for one, would give anything to be able to laze on the beaches of Thailand with a Piña Colada in my hand — if I could only avoid the three-week quarantine on my return to Hong Kong.

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